Dr Sylvie Marshall-Lucette

School: Nursing

Job Title: Lecturer


Phone: 020 8725 2266

Location: St Georges Campus, Hunter Wing, 6th Floor, St Georges, University of London, SW17 0RE


Sylvie's teaching and research interests centre around professional healthcare education, joint clinical and education initiatives such as professional development and multi-professional shared learning, as well as health service user involvement in education and research. She holds an MSc in Social Research and a PhD in Educational Studies.

In recent years, her teaching and research interests have also extended to an international perspective. She has taught in Uganda Martyrs University and has collaborated in facilitating research methods workshops and supervision of five community palliative care research projects in Hospice Africa Uganda, Kampala, Uganda (2003-2005).

In addition to teaching and research, Sylvie also has extensive experience in the supervision of BSc, MSc and MPhil/PhD research students covering a variety of healthcare topics and methodologies. She currently works as a part-time lecturer in Research Methodologies at level 6 & 7. She is also involved in a healthcare professionals employability study.

Academic and professional qualifications

  • PhD, Educational Studies, University of Surrey
  • MSc, Social Research, University of Surrey
  • Certificate in Education, Garnett College, London

Professional experience

  • 2013 - present
    Part time senior lecturer in Healthcare Research Methods, Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Kingston University and St George's, University of London

Professional registration and membership

  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy

Research interests

Healthcare professional learning and teaching; joint clinical and educational healthcare initiatives particularly clinical practice development and contextualisation of evidence-based practice for clinical effectiveness and standard setting; international perspectives of healthcare teaching and learning; service user and carer involvement in clinical research and healthcare education; evaluation research methodologies of healthcare education programmes and more recently the student experience; men's health and researching sensitive topics.

Grants and funding

  • 2007 - 2008
    Principal Researcher for a joint NHS Trust and Faculty project: The application of the recovery model approach in community psychiatric nursing setting: An analysis of educational needs.
  • 2006 - 2007
    Principal Applicant for a study on: Evaluating academic tutor support models for the development of practice guidance within the Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences. Widening participation funds. £10,000


Number of items: 18.


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Conference or Workshop Item

Harris, R., Marshall-Lucette, S., Chu, C., Ooms, A., Burke, L., Grant, R. and Sayer, J. (2011) Employment opportunities for newly qualified nurses in London. In: RCN International Nursing Conference; 16-18 May 2011, Harrogate, U.K.. (Unpublished)

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Marshall-Lucette, Sylvie and Gale, Julia (2009) The development of a care delivery model within a psychiatric setting: an evidence-based partnership approach. In: International Nursing Research Congress: Focusing on evidence based practice; 13 - 17 Jul 2009, Vancouver, Canada. (Unpublished)


Marshall-Lucette, Sylvie, Ponto, Maria and Akroyd, Karen (2008) A widening participation project: evaluating academic tutor support models for the development of practice guidance within the Faculty of Health & Social Care Sciences. (Project Report) London, UK : Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences, Kingston University and St George's, University of London. 64 p. ISBN 9780954989095

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