St George’s, University of London student benefits


St George’s, University of London student benefits

In addition to specific student benefits and support provided within your course discipline, you will have access to a range of benefits provided by the University that awards your degree.
If your degree is awarded by St George’s, University of London, you can make the most of the following to enhance your experience with us:

Personal tutors
All students have access to a personal tutor to act as an academic point of contact and support. Personal tutors offer regular meetings, provide advice, support and feedback on academic and progress issues, and support students if they experience difficulties with academic or welfare matters.
St Georges Students' Union
The union represents students on all matters, with academic, social and welfare responsibilities. You will discover a genuine community feel during your time at St George’s thanks to a unique location, high quality services and a welcoming atmosphere.
Careers service
Available to all students with a team of advisors, you can be assured your course will lead to substantial employment opportunities.The careers service supports students to prepare for job applications and interviews and their career decision making. Students can also access the UK’s largest careers information library and support network offered by The Careers Group, University of London.
Chaplaincy and faith support
The Human Rights Act 1998 protects the right to hold religious beliefs and the Equality Act 2010 extends this protection to other philosophical beliefs similar to a religion.At St George’s, University of London, there are a number of appropriate groups and activities for students to explore their faith. The services are open to students and staff of all faiths (and those who do not follow a faith) and offers representation of the main faith communities on campus.

Counselling service
You can access a confidential counselling service available for all St George’s staff and students. The service is free and entirely confidential, with qualified and experienced counselors.

You can easily book an appointment throughout the week, or there are three open sessions a week that do not require booking in advance.

Disabled student support
The Equality Act 2010 definition of disability not only refers to people who may be visibly disabled – for example, those who are blind or have mobility difficulties, such as wheelchair users – but also includes those with a broad range of conditions such as asthma, depression, diabetes, dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome, cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV and schizophrenia.

St George’s warmly welcomes staff and students with a disability and always makes reasonable adjustments to allow for any disadvantages in work, study or service use.

International student support
A dedicated advisory service for international students, offering support with:

  • Immigration and visa support
  • Accommodation support
  • International financial support information
  • Student Centre support for international students
  • Clinical placements in the United States
  • Career services
  • Student learning support
  • Other International Student Support
IT services
St George’s IT services facilitate access to over 250 workstations, including a 24 hour access computing room. Our halls of residence also have access to the internet and the academic network. There is wireless network access in all common areas, and a virtual patient app to use on your mobile or tablet. Students also have access to a list of major databases available through the library to support their study.

Biomedical library
St George’s library’s healthcare and biomedical collection comprises of over 42,000 books and multimedia resources. We subscribe to over 10,000 journals (mostly electronic) and a wide variety of medical and healthcare databases. The research enquiries desk is a particularly useful service for students within the library to find information, access resources, and ask for a brief guidance on referencing.

Mature student support
St George’s offers substantial support for mature students who have returned to study after a period of time, or are studying for a second degree. The courses are designed to help people access new careers, with no upper age limit for any course and accelerated study options. Many different qualifications and life experiences are taken into account when meeting the requirements for a course, and our Student Unions runs a Student Parents Association for students who have children.

Student Centre
St George’s student centre is the first point of call for all student matters. The dedicated team of advisors can help with:

  • Student finance
  • Tuition fees
  • Exams and assessments
  • Accommodation
  • Disability
  • Appeals and complaints
  • Admissions
  • International advice
  • Careers
  • Student life and wellbeing
  • Getting around Tooting and the local area
Student learning support
St George’s offers a range of learning support services for students to boost their experience in our undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Our Virtual Learning Environment has been set up to give students better access to their course information; for example, lecture audio recordings are added for review. We also offer strong support to students for whom English is a second language.

Student mentoring
St George’s Student Union also provides plenty of support and mentoring on a large range of matters to all staff and students.

Student parent support
It is perfectly possible to be a student and a parent, as a number of student parents at St George’s can attest to! Support is available from current students who can answer your questions and share their first hand experiences of university life.You will have access to financial information for students with child dependents, benefits, and assistance with childcare.