Student paramedics and midwives join forces for collaborative simulation day

Collaborative Simulation Day

The simulation house used by forensic science students at the Penrhyn Road site was the venue for this unique and innovative learning opportunity. Staff from the paramedic, midwifery and mental health teams were supported with a clinical tutor (and ambulance) from the London Ambulance Service to facilitate the stations and to provide students with feedback as they participated in scenarios that were written to simulate realistic pre-hospital emergencies. Four excellent role players were used in two scenario’s to enhance the simulated encounter with service users, and staff from the finance office also attended as a development day and were a great help with filming scenario’s and acting various roles on the ambulance.

The four scenarios included a patient (manikin) in cardiac arrest; a complication within a planned home birth; a post-natal mother experiencing a mental health crisis and an ambulance within which birth was simulated and discussed. The day provided students from the two disciplines with the opportunity to work together in small teams as they delivered care and developed care plans together for each simulated patient encounter. The scenarios were scheduled to run for 10-15 minutes, and at the end of each station the students received feedback from tutors and role players with opportunities to ask questions and further develop their knowledge when linking theory to practice.

These days offer great opportunities to facilitate exciting and realistic education and learning experiences, whilst observing and encouraging our students as they develop into health care professionals, and become competent in their careers. The opportunity to work collaboratively has evaluated positively and provided an occasion to better understand each other’s roles which may enhance the inter-professional encounter in an emergency situation.