Three new Professors appointed to the Faculty

Professor Scott Reeves, Professor Jan Fook and Professor Jane Lindsay have joined the professional team.

Inter-professional clinical academic training programme

Professor Jane Lindsay (photographed left) was promoted to Head of Social Work and Professor of Social Work Practice from October which was conferred in recognition of exceptional leadership of professional practice, pedagogy and contribution to advancing the discipline through research, enterprise and scholarship.

Jane is also a registered social worker and practising probation officer, working on domestic abuse programmes with London Probation Trust.



Inter-professional clinical academic training programmeProfessor Scott Reeves (Interprofessional Research ) is a world-renowned British social scientist from Univeristy of California, San Francisco (UCSF) where he was the director of UCSF’s Center for Innovation in Interprofessional Healthcare Education.

Scott was born in Bristol and educated in London and has previously worked at both City University and London South Bank University as well as Centre for Faculty Development , St. Michael’s Hospital at the University of Toronto. He is currently Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Interprofessional Care. He has also edited for the BMJ (British Medical Journal), Journal of Continuing Education for the Health Professions and BMC Medical Education.

Professor Reeves has vast experience in interprofessional innovation and research, drawing from the best across the world and is keen to support our new developments around interprofessional learning. He will be joining the professorial team in the Faculty on 21st October.


Inter-professional clinical academic training programmeProfessor Jan Fook (Professor of Critical Reflection) in the School of Education has been a social worker and academic for over 30 years.

She arrived from Dalhousie University in Canada where she worked at the School of Social Work as Director since 2011.

Jan was born and educated in Australia where she has held a variety of academic positions and was also recently Professor of Professional Practice Research and Director of the Interprofessional Institute at the South West London Academic Network (Royal Holloway, St. George’s, University of London and Kingston University).

  • Professor Fook has since left the School of Education.